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Whirler Machine

Supply Ability: 25 Set/Sets per Month
Type: Baking machine
Plate Type: Baking
Usage: Baking
Color & Page: Multicolor

*Far infrared ray heating,high heat-effect,temperature rising quickly.The heat-lose,the power the whole machine need is small.
Far infrared ray heating,high heat-effect,temperature rising quickly.Because of the heat-lose,and the power the whole machine need is very small.
*The burning temperature is adjustable and have two section temperature control with top and lower limit.Temperature in box is even.There is no chromatic aberration on the PS plate after burning.
*The plates feeding is automatically,and it bakes plate continuously with adjustable speed.There are Chains drive beside the two sides of silk screen made by stainless steel,neversecund running.
*The operation is simple, maintenance convenience.


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